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Joyful Noise School Age Summer Program

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Welcome to the Joyful Noise School Age Summer Program!

It's a full day of fun! We also offer hourly rates and part time days for this age group. Enrollment is as simple as three forms and a $40 registration fee, per child! Read about school age care rates on our rates page!

Each day, our school age children (ages 5 to 10 years) enjoy physical activities such as dune hikes and park visits, crafts, feild trips to our local museum and library, service projects, academic content, weekly specials such as the Joyful Noise Music Program and our kid's chapel program Growing in Grace, and healthy meals and snacks!


The 2013/2014 school year has begun! Please feel free to check out the 2013 August calendar to get a feeling for how our next summer session will be!
This portion of the website will be updated in June 2014.

Monthly Calendar (August 2013)

Summer Program Policies and Reminders

Contact the School Age Classroom by email at Schoolagers@JoyfulNoiseKids.com