The Gift of Music is a free early childhood music program designed by the Joyful Noise C-Fund (a part of Joyful Noise Christian Childcare), which is a non-profit giving program under the umbrella of First Presbyterian Church in Grand Haven, Michigan. It began in 2013 when Joyful Noise and the C-Fund aimed to create a program in the community that would directly benefit underserved young children in the area that were not already enrolled at the center. Since its development, A Gift of Music has provided several classes to children from infancy through preschool age, offering high quality musical instruction as well as a free instrument, CD, and take-home materials! Pleased at having received the Mary Anne Sherwood Families and Children Field of Interest Fund in 2014 from the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation, the C-Fund and A Gift of Music will continue to offer the "Sing & Slide" program, which is comprised of 45 minutes of fun and age appropriate music education, along with a free slide whistle and take home materials for each participant. This year's recipients of the free program will be students in the Grand Haven Head Start!

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CURRENT SESSION INFO: SPRING 2015 (2-5 years old)

This year GOM is bringing the joy of slidewhistles, song and dance to Grand Haven Head Start Students in the spring of 2015!

Find the answers to any questions you might have in our Program Backgrounder!

Get a feeling for the Gift of Music early childhood music classes by checking out our weekly music classes here at Joyful Noise Childcare below:

Joyful Noise Music

Our weekly music program travels to your child's classroom each week to celebrate a love for music while exposing children to valuable music theory content as well as cultural diversity! Similiar to Kindermusik, Music Together and other age appropriate music exposure programs, our music program blends different philosophiesand allows for experiences with instruments, singing, music appreciation, and special visitors. Meet our music teacher, Miss Chantal!

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